What to Wear

Mommy and Me

  • Dancers and parents should wear something comfortable to move around in.
  • Bare feet, socks or ballet shoes can be worn.

Pre-Combo, Combo and Creative Classes

Ballet and Tap shoes can be purchased at Payless, Amazon, Target, Once Upon a Child or Opening Night Dance Stores.
We recommend the store Opening Night for all your dance supply needs.

  • Ballet shoes (leather or canvas). Black Ballet Shoes for boys. No silk ballet slippers please.
  • Black patent Mary Jane tap shoes. Tap Ties can be helpful for young dancers.
  • Hair secured off of face.
  • Any style leotard (tights can only be worn with dance shoes) or soft shorts and top.

All Recital Ballet Classes (Including Ballet/Lyrical and Ballet/Contemporary Classes)

These classes have a specific uniform that must be worn to each class.
We recommend the store Opening Night for all your dance supply needs.

  • Plain Black cotton leotard and pink convertible/transition tights. Light Pink canvas or leather ballet shoes. Hair in a secured bun.

Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theater and Contemporary Recital Classes

  • Jazz or Ballet shoes are optional for these classes. Your teacher will be able to guide you after your first class, with the appropriate shoes to purchase.
  • Hair secured off of face.
  • Jazz: Students may wear a leotard or a fitted shirt with dance shorts, sport shorts or leggings
  • Lyrical: All lyrical classes are taken in conjunction with ballet class and therefore students should already be required to wear a ballet leotard and tights (see above).
  • Contemporary: Students should wear a leotard with tights, dance/sport shorts or leggings.

Hip Hop

  • Tank top or t-shirt, leggings, sweat pants or sport shorts
  • Tennis shoes/sneakers with socks.
  • Hair secured off of face.