2020 Private Request Form

 This form must be submitted no later than June 1st at 10am! 

This is a private “request” form – there is no guarantee that a time slot will be available; we make every effort to include as many dancers as possible. Decisions are made based on time slots available, times students are available and student “readiness” and dedication.

Students selected for private lessons are required to participate in small groups or elites and follow those guidelines and also attend 3 ballet classes each week on a regular basis. Obtaining a private time is a privilege and is not available to all students and it is not a guarantee of future privates.

The NorthPointe faculty will collaborate on the best fit for each student when considering private lessons and attempt to allow for the best success for each individual. (We might feel that your student will benefit more from participating in a duet or trio than a solo) Private lessons are expensive and will be forfeited if tuition and fees are not up to date. A Private ticket must be presented to the teacher prior to each lesson. Please refer to our private lesson philosophy paper for additional information.

Each parent must turn in a completed solo/duet/trio form (on the company forms page) in order to be entered into any competition. The office does not keep a list of solos, duets and trios, therefore will not be able to enter your dance without this form. This form must be turned in by the assigned due date for competition fees in order to be entered into the competition.

2020 Private Request Form

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (Most people want the same 2-3 timeslots, which is not possible. Many times privates are granted due to the fact that you can come early or stay late. Please give us the earliest and latest time possibilities in order to improve your chances. Make sure the timeslots do NOT interfere with your dance classes. You cannot miss class (or part of a class) in order to attend your private).
  • (ex: Tap solo, Jazz trio, etc. (If you are requesting more than 1 private slot, please list all. Provide as much information as possible.) Ex .1: Jazz trio (Barb, Kathy, Tricia) Ex . 2: Tap duet or trio (Barb and ??? not sure who)

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