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Company Program

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Competition Teams

We offer two different Company Programs for students interested in joining competition teams! Both our Stellar and Master Company Programs are an excellent way to further your dance technique and join our incredibly fun and loving family! All of our company groups compete at 3 local competitions with varying and increased opportunities at different levels, are partnered with a Big or Little Sis or Bro for the year, and attend our annual Big/Lil event, Pep Rally and other team bonding events. Monthly tuition for our competition teams starts at $86/month and a 1.5 hr/week class commitment.

Informational meetings for the 2021-22 school year will be held the week of May 3rd via Zoom. Click here for details. We encourage anyone interested in joining or learning more to attend. If you can not make it or you miss the meeting, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience and we’d be happy to share all the necessary information with you and walk you through any questions you have. Audition camps for our 2021-22 companies are held throughout June!

Master Company

Ages 3 & Up

Our Award-Winning, National Title Master Company Program provides our highest level of training. As the students get older, our Master Company Program requirements for technique and training classes increase, as do performance opportunities! This is an excellent program for a student who enjoys or even thrives in a motivating, challenging environment, wants to compete at a higher level, and who is looking to further their dance technique and opportunities. In addition to regional competitions, our Master Company Program students have the option to travel to conventions and nationals and have the opportunity to take workshops and receive choreography from world-renowned choreographers.

Stellar Company

Ages 6 & Up

Our Stellar Company Program is an excellent introduction for a student age 6 or older just beginning their transition from recreational classes to competition teams, a student looking to further improve their technique and become more serious about dance with plenty of room in their schedule for additional extra curricula, OR for a student simply looking to perform more and join our sweet company family with lesser time commitments during the week and throughout the year.