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2018-19 Recital Costume Fees Auto-Deducted on 11/15

Recital is our absolute most favorite day of the year! If you have been to one of our recitals, you know first-hand the excitement of that “big day” that our students work towards all year! Hopefully your teacher has shown you a photo of your dancer’s recital costume. If you did not get a chance to see it, there is a binder at the front desk where you can look at it at any time! You are welcome to take a photo of it on your phone as well for reference later, to share with family/friends, etc. Your student has been measured for their recital costume (Don’t worry! We always add room to grow!), and the time has come to begin placing orders for those beautiful costumes!

On Thursday, November 15th, Recital Costume fees will be auto-deducted. The costume fee is $85 per costume plus tax ($90.95 total). Costumes arrive in the spring and you have several opportunities to get professional class and individual photos of your dancer in their costume, by our trusted and talented partners Creative Moments.

Recital is NOT required, but it is highly encouraged and most dancers’ favorite day of the entire year. We put a lot of time and energy into making recital a lovely, memorable and worthwhile experience for all. If you choose not to participate, please let the front desk know no later than 8pm on Wednesday, November 14th.

Costume fees are non-refundable. There will be one fee per recital costume. Students in a class marked as Non-Recital (or *NR on our class schedule) will not be charged a recital fee.